Fall in Venice





Fall always have been a very weird and special season for me, all the changes in my live have happened around this time.
Life is very cyclical in general, but every autumn season I feel like I’m living my life in circles. Everything has changed, background, people, feelings, but still it’s all the same.
Always around this time of the year life have brought me lots of surprises, changes and news, not only good ones, but I believe everything happens to us at the right time. And even if we don’t like this present at that very moment, later we’ll look back at this and realize it was a life changing curve on the road of our life.
Even if you feel bad today, even if it seams extremely hard for you, I want to remind you that tomorrow it will be sunny again. It can’t rain forever. Never.

Wearing :
1. Blouse – ZARA http://bit.ly/2fKkhIW
2. Hat – http://bit.ly/2gq5a63
3. Pants – ZARA http://bit.ly/2gBHzhN
4. Shoes – Pull&Bear

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    December 21, 2016 at 5:30 pm

    That’s the perefct insight in a thread like this.

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