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How to become a model?

When I tell people I am a model they always ask me how to become one of them. If to say personally about my story I was scouted on a street at my home country at the time when I didn’t even think about modeling.
But here is my personal to do list – easy guide to “how to join the Army of models”.

  • 1. First you need to do is to think if you really need that, because you’ll  have to separate from a lot of things you love,  including your family, friends, school or your job.
  • 2. Find an agent or a  mother agency.  There is a tone of different agencies and if you haven’t deal with that it’s easy to get lost in your choice. But you always can ask others who can share any information with you, also there is a very helpful website where you’ll find all the information about top agencies as well.
    But you should always remember it’s very individual and not always the big agency with famous name will work for you better then a small less known one will.
    To find the agency you can go to any open calls you find and also apply to agencies online (but to my opinion personal meeting is always more productive).
  • 3. To take good polaroids (snaps) is next very important step and you will need it anyway.
  • 4. Start to build your portfolio. I would suggest not to invest a lot of money into your pictures, if the agency is good and really interested in your look they will always arrange you free test shootings with great photographers. Other way you could find someone who calls himself a “photographer” and gets all your money. Don’t forget you can also ask your talented friends about taking pictures.

Model industry is growing and changing avery year and if you feel you belong here and could be a part of it, you are more then welcome to try and challenge yourself.

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    December 21, 2016 at 5:27 pm

    I could watch Sclhndier’s List and still be happy after reading this.

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