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If we could choose second motherland, my soul would belong to Israel,  there is always a special room reserved for this country and people in my heart. Living there for few years I soaked culture and habits of Israel, it left a special mark on my heart forever.
Tel Aviv is wild and full of energy,  very old and young at the same time, like a girl. Like a girl who wears a dress from her grandma’s clothet. I was digging into my grandma’s clothet hoping to find something telling stories from the past. I was incredibly happy when I fished out this pinky dress. What I love about vintage clothes it’s  how we can give second life to already forgotten things, bring them to life again. I truly believe you need nothing to create your uniq all-sufficient look. Just dig into your grandma’s clothes and be surprised how trendy you can look in it.

 New is just well forgotten old.


wearing :
1. Shoes : converse http://bit.ly/1q5S81p

2. Dress : vintage http://bit.ly/2fNDHhj

3. Belt : vintage http://bit.ly/2eyxBiW , http://bit.ly/2fm6mat

4. Hair accessory : vintage http://bit.ly/2fnkX7F

5. Shades : vintage http://bit.ly/2fpibwJ


Shot on Canon 5D Mark II http://bit.ly/2fF9Hoy

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