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The Milky Way Galaxy is my HOME

Я родилась в обществе, где мне постоянно говорили, что я обязана любить Родину, быть привязана к своему народу, чувствовать все его страдания и боль. Но что если целый мир и есть наш дом? Что если мы сами в праве выбирать свой “дом”? Это может быть одно место, где нам хорошо и спокойно, а может и не быть такого места вовсе, что если мы хотим жить по всему Земному шару и не быть привязанным ни к чему (конечно, это не совсем…

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What to wear to a casting? My Hong Kong adventure.

When you are modeling for few years already 80% of your wardrobe is black (if not 100%). You get to use looking “casting good”, coz your agent can send you to a casting any second, you catch yourself on wearing black most of the times, it becomes part of you. But I swear there is a rule, your agent always texts you when you are wearing your best outfit – your amazing sweaty pans, baggy T-shirt and hair tighten up.…

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Editorial Gias Cam

My Calvins

Calvins became self-sufficient outfit by itself no matter if you wear them in your cosy New York apartment or on the streets under thousand eyes.  Classic that never goes out of fashion. #mycalvins Model : Maria Radkovskaya (@mariia_radkovska) Photographer : Anastasia Gias (@modelinterrupted) Outfit : Calvin Klein…

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Model advice

How to become a model?

When I tell people I am a model they always ask me how to become one of them. If to say personally about my story I was scouted on a street at my home country at the time when I didn’t even think about modeling. But here is my personal to do list – easy guide to “how to join the Army of models”. 1. First you need to do is to think if you really need that, because you’ll…

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Style Travel

New York Dreamer.

If anyone would ask me a year ago if I love New York, I would probably answer I’m indifferent to this city. I remember I always tried not to come here, alway was  changing my tickets, just because I was so comfortable in my favorite California. I used to see New York as a cold tough place, where I will feel lonely, but the city surprised me with its warmth, atmosphere and incredibly nice people. New Yorkers thought to be…

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Downtown Jungle

  “Start to build yourself and World will build everything for you” We are all animals in this huge world Jungle, sometimes I feel this way. We are all by ourselves, there is too many life offers, too many choices, too many people to choose. Sometimes it feels as life rejects you, everything just breaks down and it’s easy to get lost. That is the moment you realize it’s time to change your world. I’s been said a million times,…

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